When a student participates in 6 or 12 shows, they are presented with the

 Encore Arts 6th Show Award or the  Encore Arts 12th Show Plaque


Each awards recipient has a special moment to shine in front of the audience while being interviewed about their past experiences at Encore Arts. Students share  what shows they've been in, what roles they have played, and what their favorite moments/ memories have been thus far. 

 Encore Arts 6th Show Award Recipients



Encore Arts 12th Show Plaque Recipients


Noa Kliger

Talia Golshani

Naomi Strauss

Sela Aaron

Henry Strauss

Ava Sassaman-Abrams

Camryn Rezvani

Drew Halpern

Ella Broder

Emmett Kliger

Erica Bernstein

Esther Nissenson

Gaia Braun

Noa Kliger

Sela Aaron

Talia Golshani

Naomi Strauss

Ella Nikravesh

Charlotte Kaveh

N.J. Davtyan

Mia Arango

Arielle Moshe

Sydney Azar

Hannah Lee

Sydney Ava Karlan

Henry Strauss

Isabella Schuster

Izzi Schulman

Sydney Seff

Matisse Nelkin

Paxton Clark

Rio Austin-Greene

Gracie Langer

Ayla Szew

Rebecca Roberts

Lucy Noah

Camryn Rezvani


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