"Encore Arts is an amazing arts program. But its so much more than that. Randi and Jess provide an environment that will help your kids grow as people as well as giving them the opportunity to develop as performers. And they will think they are just having the best fun ever." Lucy Davenport, Entertainment Professional (!!!)

"The Encore Arts program has been amazing for my daughter! She went from a shy quiet speaker to an outspoken, lively songbird! Memorizing her lines was a breeze with the fun take-home rehearsal cd (our whole family memorized every song in the production). Most of all, Randi, Jessica and their team infused our kids with confidence and pride no matter how they performed so they had so much fun every minute. I can't say enough about this team of educators." Dalia Jacobs. Parent of Kindergarten student

"Thank you Encore Arts for introducing the art of acting and performing at such an early age. It has enriched and has given my child the confidence to flourish and to express herself. Our deepest appreciation to the ways your direct influence has encouraged, inspired and given confidence to my daughter in a nurturing and loving environment." Naz Nelkin. Parent of Kindergarten student

“You were fantastic!! Thank you so much. I was so impressed with the sets, costumes, confidence building. Wow!”  Polly Towill, Parent of Junior High Student

"I want to thank you for the outstanding help in teaching my daughter Drama. I must say I have never ever been to such a beautiful kids drama performance as this one and I have been to many! It is not because my daughter was in the performance, but to take a raw talent and produce such a professional performance out of them in the short time. Kids did an amazing job remembering their lines and performing for this length of time!”- Rick Abraham, Parent of Junior High Student

“Thanks to you both for nurturing our children to love music and the theatre, and providing us with such a wonderful outlet for our children to express themselves. Bravo to everyone!”- Heather Rem, Parent of elementary school student